About Us

The successful running of a ship depends on the hard work, discipline and teamwork of the entire crew, from Master to Apprentice.

A good team, to co-ordinate all the various functions for the efficient management and cost effective running of ships is equally essential. Crowley Maritime has the maritime experience and the business acumen to fulfil these requirements, making us the right choice for the qualified crew manning of your ships. This active in full management, operations, crew management, consultancy and ISM / ISO 9001:2008 services. What sets us apart is the care and attention given to each and every Client and Ship.

By following our commitment to quality rather than quantity, through controlled growth, our ability to manage all ships personally is not a goal at Crowley Shipping but a reality. Our satisfied and well-served Clients are our best reference. It is our aim to provide Quality Management services to our Clients at Competitive costs. Through the joint efforts of our dedicated staff, both at sea & ashore, we have been successful in this respect. We know the business and have amassed substantial management expertise.

What We Do

We recognize that vessel performance and the management of risk depends upon the effective selection and retention of competent staff.

We select qualified personnel to work on a diverse range of vessels including all types of tankers, gas carriers, container carriers, Ro-Ro ships, dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers and specialized vessels. Today, our database of marine specialists allows us to react quickly to any requests from Client Ship-owners.
Understanding the market development tendencies, we are widening our services, giving our Company an opportunity to operate in the tightening conditions of marine specialists' market and the growing competition.

Crowley Maritime Services offers the following services to its Clients:

  • Recruiting specialists – officers and ratings - whose experience and qualification comply with the Employer's requirements;
  • Recruiting marine educational institution cadets and graduates for shipboard training and further employment on our Clients' ships;
  • Checking that candidates have appropriate marine documents in accordance STCW and MLC valid for the entire duration of the contract;
  • Organizing additional training for seafarers;
  • Executing any documents required by the ship flag state administration;
  • Assisting in receiving necessary visas, drawing up crew lists;
  • Ordering and arranging tickets using marine tariffs;
  • Planning schedules of crew changes;
  • Accounting and payment of wages to ships' crews;
  • Full crew management.

Working with high number of companies, we deal with different types of staff management contract every day. Learning many valuable practices from our partners and adding our own experience, we offer true partnership based on our professional approach, deep knowledge of our Clients' business and a focus on their interests.

Our Mission and Vission

Our Vision:

Driving our utmost to develop better relationships among people & ships everyday everywhere, revealing the inner beauty of our strengths.

  • To be a Global leader in the provision of maritime services.

Our Mission:

  • To provide quality, innovative and socially responsible management services to preferred Clients.
  • To listen to all the niche areas in marine industry and penetrate into those with our better services every day.
  • To provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective services to offshore and marine industry.
  • To be a recognized world class company in water transport services.

Our Motto:

"Together We Make It Happen"

Our Values:

  • Keep our word by doing what we say we will do
  • Be sincere, reliable, fair and treat people with respect
  • Obey the law and operate under national and international regulations
  • Own up to our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes
  • Always operate with the client's best interest in mind
  • Constantly collaborate with customers, colleagues, and external partners
  • Form teams and rely on facts to find the best solution
  • Communicate openly and candidly with everyone
  • Seek feedback and share information quickly

HSE Policy


We practice SAFETY first at all times adapting best industry standards to manage the vessels and the people safe, healthy and environment-friendly at all times. We implemented our SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

We Commit to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Aiming for incident and accident free operations.
  • Preventing loss of life and property, and damage.
  • Complying with all industry, national and international rules and regulations.
  • Continuously promoting a safety culture.
  • Preparing to respond to any kind of emergencies.
  • Preserving and protecting natural resources.
  • Encouraging respect and responsibility from all employees towards the environment.